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Car Lashing System for Ro Ro Vessel

Car Lashing System for Ro Ro vessel
Webbing Width:25mm

Length: 2m ~ 3m
Lashing Capacity:750daN and 1000daN
Assembly Breaking Strength:1.5T/2.0T 
Safety Factor:2:1
Webbing Color: blue, orange or yellow
Steel buckle and hooks; PVC-coated to avoid damages
According to EN 12195-2

Car Lashing System

The vessels used for RoRo are designed for carrying cars, boats on trailers and any self-propelled or towable cargo. All vessels have built-in ramps that make the loading and unloading of wheeled cargo easy. RoRo vessels comprise of multiple levels which accommodate for all sizes of vehicles and self-propelled machinery.
Once a vehicle is in position, it is secured from four points by lashing straps, ensuring that the vehicle does not move during transit and cause damages.ro ro ship

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