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Chain Sling

A chain sling is a type of lifting sling made of chains that is used to lift and move heavy objects. It typically consists of a length of chain with one or more attachment points, such as hooks or shackles, at each end. The chain is often made of alloy steel, which is strong and durable, and is able to withstand the stresses of lifting heavy loads.

Chain slings come in various configurations, such as single-leg, double-leg, and multiple-leg, depending on the number of chains and attachment points they have. They are often used in industrial and construction settings, such as in manufacturing plants, shipyards, and construction sites.

When using a chain sling, it is important to inspect it carefully before each use to ensure that it is in good condition and free from any defects that could cause it to fail. It is also important to follow proper lifting procedures and to make sure that the load being lifted is properly secured and balanced.

Grade 80 Chain Sling
Grade 80 Alloy Chain Sling
G80 Lifting Chain Sling

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