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Creeper Winch AS 1418.2-1997

A creeper winch, also known as a Griphoist, wire rope pulling hoist is a manual hand-operated winching device used for lifting, pulling, and positioning heavy loads. It is a versatile and portable tool widely used in various industries, including construction, forestry, mining, and rescue operations. The winch operates on a mechanical advantage principle, allowing users to multiply their input force to move or lift loads that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to manage manually.

Manual Operation: The creeper winch is operated by hand, typically using a lever or handle. Users crank the handle to generate the pulling force required to move or lift the load.

Portability: The winches are compact and portable, making them suitable for use in various locations and terrains. They can be easily carried to the worksite.

Movement: It shall be possible to chagne the direction of the load movement without releasing the load. This is normally achieved by a lever operation. Means shall be provided to allow rapid movements of slack rope to the required position when the creeper winch is not under load, but such means shall not operate under load conditions.

Protection against overload: Protection shall be provided on the  "UP" or "PULL" direction operating mechanism to prevent overload. Where shear pins are used, they shall be readily accessible, and the holding device shall be arranged so that in the event of the pin's shearing, the load will be arrested and sustained.

Operation: The creeper winch shall arrtest and sustain the load when the operating force is relased. Operation of the mechanism shall not kind, distort or damage the wire rope.

Creeper Winch AS 1418.2-1997

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