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Definition of One Trip Textile Sling

The term one trip textile sling is given to a woven textile sling that has been designed for the specific purpose of attaching to, and accompanying, a specific load (product) for its specified journey, from source to final destination.

They must not be used as a general-purpose sling or outside the limitations of use specified by the manufacturer, or for numerous loads. To prevent further use of the sling they must be taken out of service and destroyed.

In the case of one trip slings, the justification that may be used is low utilization. This may be supported by current standards from other countries, such as ASME B30.9:2021 or DIN 60005:2018-Dispoable man-made flat woven slings - both of which use a factor of 5:1. Or additionally slings may be required to conform to the requirements of the ILO Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Ports - Section 4.4.4 -P226

25-50mm – 5:1 or 51-300mm 4:1

NOTE: while these standards such as DIN60005 may be used to support the manufacturer’s product specification detailing how the sling meets the EHSR’s, they do not carry a presumption of conformity to the MD/SOM(S)R as they are not EU/UK harmonized or approved standards.

The minimum requirements for marking can be found in the MD/SOM(S)R Annex/Part 1.7.1 . The slings are also required to be UKCA or CE marked within the UK or the EEA. If the manufacturer wishes to, they may reference other relevant standards that are already in service and recognisable. Where the product meets this standard in full or where it meets part of the standard, the DOC must clarify what or which parts of a standard apply. In addition, the manufacturer of the one trip sling is responsible for compiling the UK or the EC DoC and instructions for use for all commercially indivisible lots. LEEA recommends that the label and/or the body of the sling be appropriately marked with ‘One trip – Do not reuse’ or similar. It is a mandatory requirement to write these in the officially recognised language(s) of the end user’s location if known.
One Trip Textile Sling

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