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By H-Lift | 23 October 2023 | 0 Comments

DIN 1478 Pipe Body Type Turnbuckle with Two Eyes

DIN 1478 is a German Industrial Standard for turnbuckles, which are devices used to adjust the tension or length of ropes, cables, or rods. In this case, DIN 1478 specifies a turnbuckle with an eye at each end, commonly referred to as an "eye and eye" turnbuckle. The "pipe body type" indicates that the turnbuckle has a tubular or pipe-shaped body.

A turnbuckle with an eye and eye configuration is designed for applications where you need to connect two points or objects by attaching cables, ropes, or rods to the eyes at each end of the turnbuckle. By rotating the body of the turnbuckle, you can adjust the length and tension of the connected elements. This is useful in various industries, including construction, marine, and rigging, to provide adjustable support, tension, or alignment.

DIN standards, like DIN 1478, ensure that these turnbuckles meet certain design and manufacturing requirements to ensure their quality and safety in industrial applications. You can refer to the specific DIN 1478 standard for detailed information about the dimensions, materials, and load-bearing capacities of these turnbuckles.

DIN 1478 Pipe Body Type Turnbuckle with Two Eyes

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