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By H-Lift | 19 March 2023 | 0 Comments

DIN 3093 Aluminium Ferrule

DIN 3093 is a standard that specifies the dimensions and requirements for aluminum ferrules used in wire rope terminations. These ferrules are used to form a loop or an eye at the end of a wire rope.

The DIN 3093 standard specifies the material, dimensions, and marking requirements for aluminum ferrules. The ferrules are made of aluminum and come in various sizes, depending on the diameter of the wire rope being used.

The ferrules are designed to be crimped onto the wire rope using a specialized tool. The crimping process compresses the ferrule onto the wire rope, creating a secure termination that is resistant to fatigue and abrasion.

Aluminum ferrules are widely used in various industries, such as marine, construction, and mining, where wire rope is commonly used for lifting, rigging, and anchoring applications. They offer a lightweight and cost-effective solution for wire rope terminations that require high strength and durability.

DIN 3093 Aluminium Ferrule

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