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Endurance Test of Hand Chain Blocks EN 13157

Hand chain blocks that are mass-produced and have a rated capacity up to 5t shall be exempt from the following endurance test.

With 110% of the rated capacity on the lower hook, operate the hand chain block for 1 500 cycles, over 300 mm lifting and lowering the load. The path of 300 mm ensures that all the component parts (e.g. gears, load wheel etc.) operate underload. At no time during the test shall the test load be set on to the floor. An automatic counting system shall be used to count the number of lifting and lowering cycles.

The speed of the lifting and lowering operating cycle shall be no less than the speed of an operator working continuously for 1 minute. The test could be done with higher lifting and lowering speeds, depending on the drive unit which is used.

The drive unit shall run continuously during the test except for lubricating the load chain, or to replace the load chain.

No other parts shall be replaced, or reworked and at the end of the test they shall show no signs of failure.

For multiple strand units (e.g. double, four, eight or more strand units), it is only necessary to test a single strand unit.

If after the 1 500 cycles, the hand chain block is still holding the load of 150 % in a static test the test result shall be considered satisfactory.

Static test

Lifting equipment manufactured as single units that have not been subjected to a breakage test prior to first use, shall be subjected to a test consisting of suspending a load of:

1,5 times the rated capacity for rated capacities less than 20 t and
1,25 the rated capacity equal to or greater than 20 t

for at least 10 minutes.

The test shall be considered satisfactory if no cracks, permanent deformation or damage that would adversely affect the function or safety of the lifting equipment is visible, and the connections have not become loose or damaged and if the braking device can hold the load without slipping and if it is possible to perform the dynamic test with the same lifting equipment after the static test.

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