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By H-Lift | 22 October 2023 | 0 Comments

Eye and Eye Swivel

An eye and eye swivel typically refers to a type of hardware used in rigging and various applications. It consists of two "eyes," which are circular openings or loops at either end of the swivel. These eyes can be used for attaching or connecting ropes, cables, chains, or other objects.

Eye and eye swivels are commonly used in situations where there is a need for rotation and flexibility while maintaining secure connections. They are often employed in lifting and rigging operations to prevent twisting or tangling of cables or chains. They allow the attached components to rotate independently, which can be particularly useful in scenarios like lifting heavy loads or for maritime applications such as sailboat rigging.

These swivels come in various sizes and materials, and their selection depends on the specific requirements of the application. When using eye and eye swivels, it's essential to ensure that they are rated for the load capacity and conditions in which they will be used to ensure safety and performance.

Eye and Eye Swivel, Double Eye Swivel

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