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By H-Lift | 16 March 2023 | 1 Comments

Eye Bolt and Eye Nut

An eye bolt and eye nut are both types of fasteners that have a circular loop, or eye, on one end that is used to attach a load or a rope or cable to the fastener.

An eye bolt is a threaded bolt with an eye-shaped loop at one end, which is used to secure and lift loads. Eye bolts are commonly used in lifting and rigging applications, where they are used to attach a sling, cable, or other lifting device to the load being lifted. The other end of the eye bolt is threaded, allowing it to be screwed into a threaded hole or inserted through a hole and secured with a nut.

An eye nut, on the other hand, is a threaded fastener with an eye-shaped loop at the top that is used to attach a rope, cable, or other object to the nut. The eye nut is screwed onto a threaded bolt or rod, and the eye is used to secure and lift the load. Eye nuts are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries where loads need to be lifted or secured.

Both eye bolts and eye nuts are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel. When using eye bolts or eye nuts, it is important to ensure that they are rated for the load being lifted and that they are properly installed and inspected for signs of wear or damage.

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