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Flat Synthetic Webbing Sling AS 1353.1

Flat synthetic webbing sling: a sling made of flat woven synthetic-fibre webbing, which may incorporate end fittings complying with AS 3585 or AS 3776, for the liftingand handling of loads.

Working load limit (WLL)—the maximum load that may be applied to the sling, intension uniformly distributed across its full width, under general conditions of use.

Safe working load (SWL)—the maximum load that may be applied to the sling under the particular conditions of use.

Webbing: the webbing yarn of the slings shall be constructed from a high-tenacity continuous-multi-filament synthetic fibre, which may be covered with a suitable protection. Typical fibre materials include aramid polyamide, nylon (i.e. polyamide),polyester and ultraviolet-light-stabilized polypropylene.

The effective length of slings of synthetic fibre shall be measured more than 10 min after the release of any forces and shall be expressed in metres. Such a measured length shall have an accuracy of ±3 percent of the nominal length.

Singple Ply Endless Flat Sling, AS 1353.1

Two Ply Flat Sling with Folded Eyes, AS 1353.1 China

Flat Synthetic Webbing Sling AS 1353.1

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