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What is Grade 10 Eye Grab Hook with Clevis Attachment ?

An "eye grab hook with clevis attachment" is a type of lifting and rigging hardware used in various applications, particularly in industries like construction, transportation, and material handling. This component is designed to securely attach and lift loads. Let's break down the key components of this description:

  • Eye: The "eye" in an eye grab hook refers to a circular or oval-shaped opening at the end of the hook. This eye allows for the attachment of chains, cables, or other lifting and rigging equipment. The load or attachment point can pass through this eye.
  • Grab Hook: The term "grab hook" indicates that this hook is designed with a special shape that enables it to securely grab and hold loads. Unlike some other hook types that have a more open design, grab hooks have a closed or semi-closed shape that provides better retention of the load.
  • Clevis Attachment: The "clevis attachment" suggests that the hook has a clevis, which is a U-shaped component with a pin or bolt. The clevis allows for the attachment of the hook to other components, such as chains, slings, or other rigging hardware. This attachment method provides a secure and adjustable connection.

An eye grab hook with clevis attachment is used in a variety of lifting and rigging scenarios where loads need to be securely attached and lifted. These hooks are often used in combination with chains and slings to create a reliable lifting assembly.

It's important to use such hardware correctly and safely. This includes regular inspections to check for wear, deformation, or damage, and following established safety procedures and regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and the integrity of the load being lifted or secured. Always refer to manufacturer guidelines and industry standards for proper usage and safety practices when working with lifting and rigging equipment.
Grade 10 eye grab hook with clevis attchment

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