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Grade 70 Chain vs Grade 80 Chain

Grade 70 and Grade 80 chains are both high-strength chains used in various applications, particularly in the transportation, lifting, and load securing industries. However, they differ in terms of their strength, durability, and intended uses. Here's a comparison between Grade 70 and Grade 80 chains:

Grade 70 Chain:

  • Strength: Grade 70 chains are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio. They are designed to handle heavy loads and have a higher working load limit (WLL) compared to lower-grade chains like Grade 30 or Grade 43.
  • Material: Grade 70 chains are usually made from a high-strength alloy steel that undergoes a heat-treating process to increase its durability and toughness.
  • Markings: Grade 70 chains are marked with a "G70" stamp, indicating their grade and suitability for load securing applications.
  • Applications: Grade 70 chains are commonly used for load securing in transportation, particularly for securing heavy equipment, machinery, and other substantial loads on trucks, trailers, and flatbeds.
  • Finish: Grade 70 chains are often finished with a yellow chromate or zinc plating for some level of corrosion resistance.
  • Durability: While durable, Grade 70 chains may still be susceptible to corrosion over time, especially in harsh environments.

Grade 80 Chain:

  • Strength: Grade 80 chains are even stronger than Grade 70 chains. They have a higher WLL and are known for their exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Material: Grade 80 chains are made from an even higher-strength alloy steel and are subjected to a rigorous heat-treating process for enhanced toughness and durability.
  • Markings: Grade 80 chains are marked with a "G80" or "8" stamp.
  • Applications: Grade 80 chains are used in heavy-duty applications that require a higher level of strength, such as lifting heavy loads, construction equipment, and other demanding tasks.
  • Finish: Grade 80 chains often have a black finish that distinguishes them from other grades and provides some corrosion resistance.
  • Durability: Grade 80 chains are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are more resistant to corrosion compared to Grade 70 chains.

In summary, Grade 70 chains are strong and suitable for load securing applications, especially in transportation contexts. Grade 80 chains are even stronger and more durable, making them appropriate for heavy lifting, construction, and other demanding tasks. The choice between Grade 70 and Grade 80 chains depends on the specific requirements of the application, load, and environment in which they will be used. Always follow manufacturer recommendations and safety guidelines when selecting and using chains for any purpose.

Grade 70 Chain

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