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By H-Lift | 01 February 2024 | 0 Comments

What is Grade 8 Clevis Self Locking Hook to EN 1677 ?

Grade 8 clevis self locking hooks are the most common style of bottom hook used on chain slings. The hook design ensure the hook will close when loaded and thus the load is captured in the hook and is not able to release should the load line become slack or into contact with another object.

G80 clevis self locking hook will not open when under load as the latch closes automatically.

A self-locking hook is a type of hook that automatically locks in place when a load is applied. This feature enhances safety by preventing accidental disengagement of the hook from the lifting attachment point.

EN 1677 is a European standard that specifies requirements and testing procedures for components used in lifting and load-bearing applications. It covers various types of lifting accessories, including hooks, chains, and other components. Compliance with this standard ensures that the equipment meets certain safety and quality standards.
Grade 8 Clevis Self Locking Hook EN 1677

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