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By H-Lift | 01 February 2024 | 0 Comments

Understanding Grade 8 Master Link and Intermediate Master Link

Grade 8 master links and intermediate master links are components used in lifting and rigging applications, typically made from high-strength alloy steel. These components play a crucial role in creating strong and reliable connections within lifting assemblies, such as chain slings, wire rope slings, and other lifting configurations. Let's explore each of them:

Grade 8 Master Link:
Master link is a link forming the upper terminal of a chain by means of which the sling is attached to the hook of a crane of other lifting machines.
  • Material: Grade 8 master links are made from a high-strength alloy steel that has been heat-treated for increased durability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Design: A Grade 8 master link is designed to be the central connection point in a lifting assembly. It typically has an oblong or pear-shaped design with a large opening at the top, which allows it to accommodate multiple hooks, chain links, or other connecting hardware.
  • Strength: Grade 8 master links have a high working load limit (WLL) and are known for their exceptional strength. The specific WLL of a Grade 8 master link will depend on its size and design.
  • Applications: Grade 8 master links are used in various lifting and rigging applications where a strong and secure central connection point is required. They are often used in chain sling assemblies and as connectors in wire rope slings.

Intermediate Master Link:
A link used to connect one or two legs of a sling to a master link.
  • Purpose: An intermediate master link, also known as a mid-link or connecting link, is a component used to connect two or more lengths of chain in a chain sling assembly. It serves as an intermediate connection point between the lifting hook or hardware and the load.
  • Design: Intermediate master links typically have a pear-shaped or oblong design similar to Grade 8 master links. They have a large central opening for connecting multiple chain legs or links.
  • Strength: Like Grade 8 master links, intermediate master links are made from high-strength alloy steel and have a high WLL. The specific WLL depends on the size and design of the link.
  • Applications: Intermediate master links are primarily used in chain sling assemblies to create multi-leg configurations. They are essential for ensuring load distribution and stability when lifting heavy loads with chain slings.

It's important to note that when using Grade 8 master links and intermediate master links in lifting applications, they should be used in conjunction with other appropriate components, such as hooks, grab hooks, and other end fittings, to create a safe and secure lifting assembly. Proper inspection, maintenance, and adherence to safety guidelines and regulations are essential for the safe use of these components in lifting operations. Additionally, the working load limits and specifications of master links should
be carefully matched to the intended application and load requirements.

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