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How to Use a Wire Rope Pulling Hoist?

Model Rated Capacity  Rope Advance per Full Stroke  Lever Pull at WLL  Rope Diameter  Standard Length of Wire Rope  Net Weight Without Cable Cable Weight Max.Overall Size(mm) L1(cm) L2(cm) Product Code
kg mm N mm m kg kg A B C
WRH-H008 800 52 343 8.3 20 6.2 6.3 430 240 60   80 190100800
WRH-H016 1600 55 441 11 20 11.8 12 556 270 68 80 120 190101600
WRH-H032 3200 28 441 16 20 21.2 22.5 666 320 98 80 120 190103200
WRH-H054 5400 30 745 20 20 56.5 35 940 410 160 88 135 190105400

H-Lift Wire rope pulling hoist is a compact and lightweight hoist that can be used for lifting, pulling and tightening over a long distance. It works with a steel wire rope running through the jaws of the hoist. The double sets of jaws open in turns so that the wire rope will always stay tight during the operation.

How to Use

Open the wire rope jaw clamps so that the wire rope won’t bend or twist.

Push the release handle on top of the wire rope hoist in a forward position until you hear the jaws open.

Push the wire rope through the wire rope hoist so you can see it from the other side. Pull as much rope as you need and then lock the wire rope by pushing the release handle to a backwards position.

Place the lever handle extension either in the front or back peg depending if you want to lift or lower the load. Now the wire rope hoist is ready for use.

Take the anchor pin out and attach hook, shackle, sling or some other tool needed to connect the hoist to the anchor point.


Operating the lifting lever back and forth will make the wire move through the wire rope hoist and tighten. Moving one of the levers you can make the wire rope move in or out.

When finishing the use of the wire rope hoist pull the wire out by pushing the release lever on top of the wire rope hoist into a frontward position so that the wire rope gets released. Clean the wire rope before releasing it through the wire rope hoist so that no dirt will get into the wire rope hoist.

After removal of the wire rope push the release handle back to the backwards position so that the spring relaxes.



Wire Rope Hoist Anchoring

When attaching the wire rope hoist make sure that the person who is using the wire rope hoist won’t be put into dangerous situations from the load or attaching the wire rope hoist.

Mount the wire rope hoist in between the anchoring point and the load so that the wire rope hoist is set in the same direction as the wire rope and so the wire rope moves straight through the direction of the pulling direction.

In an indirect pull use only strong enough wire rope blocks.

Using lifting slings or lifting tools, make sure that they have at least the same loading capacity as the wire rope hoist that is being used.

Make sure that the anchor pin is fully locked in place with a spring pin.

Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

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