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By H-Lift | 19 March 2023 | 0 Comments

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

A hydraulic scissor lift table is a type of scissor lift table that uses hydraulic cylinders to power the lifting mechanism. Hydraulic scissor lift tables are often preferred over other types of scissor lifts because they can lift heavy loads to greater heights with less effort and more precision.

In a hydraulic scissor lift table, a hydraulic cylinder is mounted between the base of the lift and the bottom of the scissor arms. The hydraulic cylinder is connected to a pump that is activated by a foot pedal or lever. When the foot pedal or lever is pressed, hydraulic fluid is pumped into the cylinder, causing the piston inside to rise and extend the scissor arms upward. This action lifts the platform to the desired height. To lower the platform, the pedal or lever is released, and the hydraulic fluid is released back into the reservoir, allowing the platform to descend.

Hydraulic scissor lift tables are commonly used in applications where heavy loads need to be lifted to higher elevations, such as in manufacturing, warehousing, and construction. They can also be used in automotive repair shops, to lift cars and trucks for maintenance and repairs.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

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