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By H-Lift | 14 September 2023 | 0 Comments

Jaw Winches EN 13157

Jaw winch is a device for lifting, lowering and holding a load by means of a rope, where the rope is gripped or moved by jaws using human effort on a lever or levers.

Operation cycles is a lifting movement plus a lowering movement over the minimum vertical distance defined by the rope length corresponding to its passing over all concerned jaw winch parts.

The mechanical strength of jaw winches shall be checked by an appropriate calculation method. Jaw winches shall a coefficient of utilisation of at least 4:1

The lifting lever shall be fitted with a device which limits the effort applied through this lever. The setting of this device shall limit the lifting force to not more than 2 times the rated capacity.

The jaw winch shall withstand 400 cycles with the rated capacity with no failure, no replacement of parts, no resting time, except for lubrication of the rope.

Jaw Winches EN 13157 China

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