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Lifting Equipment vs Lifting Device vs Lifting Accessory

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Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment is a generic term used to indicate loosely all lifting accessories and appliances.
Lifting equipment refers to a broad category of tools, machinery, and devices designed to lift, lower, or move heavy loads. These devices are used in various industries and construction sites to facilitate the handling of materials and goods. Lifting equipment comes in many forms, each designed for specific purposes.

Lifting Appliance (Lifting Device)
A lifting appliance is any machine which is able to raise, lower or suspend a load but excluding machines incorporating a guided load (i.e. lifts) and continuous mechanical handling devices (i.e. conveyors). Also commonly referred to as lifting devices. Examples of lifting appliances are cranes, hoists, jacks, etc.

A lifting appliance is a piece of equipment or machinery designed to perform lifting, lowering, or moving operations. These appliances are specifically built for handling loads in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, and material handling. Lifting appliances encompass a wide range of equipment, from simple devices like jacks to more complex machinery like cranes.

Lifting Accessory (Rigging Equipment / Lifting Gear / Lifting Tackle)
The term lifting accessory, or accessory for lifting, is used in current legislation to mean an item of equipment used to attach the load to the lifting appliance. Such equipment is also known as ‘rigging equipment’, ‘lifting gear’ or ‘lifting tackle’. 

A lifting accessory is a component or attachment used in conjunction with lifting equipment to facilitate the lifting, positioning, or securing of loads. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of lifting equipment. Lifting accessories are diverse and designed for specific tasks, and they are often used in combination with cranes, hoists, or other lifting devices.

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