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Lifting, Lashing and Rigging
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Lifting vs Lashing

Lifting and lashing are two terms often used in the context of securing and transporting cargo, particularly in industries like shipping, logistics, and construction. They both refer to different aspects of the process involved in making sure that items are safely secured and moved from one place to another.


  • Definition: Lifting involves the action of raising or elevating heavy objects or loads using equipment like cranes, hoists, forklifts, and other mechanical devices. The primary objective is to move the cargo off the ground, onto a higher platform, onto a vehicle, or to a specific location.
  • Purpose: Lifting is primarily concerned with the vertical movement of cargo. It is used to load and unload cargo, position materials for construction, and move heavy items within a confined space.
  • Equipment: Lifting equipment is designed to bear the weight and dimensions of the load, ensuring that the lifting process is performed safely and efficiently.
  • Safety Focus: The emphasis is on ensuring that the lifting process is stable, secure, and controlled to prevent accidents, damage to the cargo, and harm to personnel.


  • Definition: Lashing involves the process of securing cargo to prevent its movement or shifting during transportation. This is especially important when cargo is being transported on vehicles, ships, aircraft, or other modes of transportation.
  • Purpose: Lashing focuses on horizontal stability. It is intended to prevent cargo from sliding, tilting, or falling off the transport platform due to external forces like vibrations, road conditions, wind, or waves.
  • Materials: Lashing employs various materials such as ropes, chains, straps, nets, and other securing devices to tightly fasten the cargo to the transport platform.
  • Safety Focus: The main concern is the prevention of cargo shifting, which could lead to accidents, damage to the cargo itself, and potential risks to other road or maritime users.

In essence, while lifting involves physically moving heavy objects off the ground or from one level to another, lashing is about ensuring that the cargo remains securely in place during transit, regardless of the mode of transportation. Both lifting and lashing are critical processes in logistics and transportation to guarantee the safe and efficient movement of goods.

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