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By H-Lift | 09 August 2023 | 1 Comments

Plain Trolley vs Geared Trolley

A "plain trolley" and a "geared trolley" are two types of trolleys used in material handling and lifting applications, especially in overhead crane systems. They are both designed to move along an overhead beam while carrying loads, but they differ in terms of their mechanisms and capabilities.

Let's explore the differences between the two:

Plain Trolley:
  • A plain trolley, also known as a manual trolley or push trolley, is a basic trolley that moves along an overhead beam by manual pushing or pulling. It typically has wheels that roll along the beam's flanges, allowing the trolley to travel horizontally. A plain trolley does not have its own power source or additional gearing mechanism. The user must physically move the trolley along the beam. It is suitable for lighter loads and applications where manual force is sufficient.
  • Simple and straightforward design.
  • Generally less expensive than geared trolleys.
  • Easy to use for lighter loads and shorter distances.
  • Requires manual effort for movement.
  • May be limited in capacity and efficiency for heavier loads.

Geared Trolley:

  • A geared trolley,  is a trolley equipped with a gearing mechanism and sometimes an electric motor. This mechanism allows the trolley to move along the beam with reduced manual effort. Geared trolleys often have hand chains or controls that enable the user to easily move the trolley horizontally using a crank or a motor. Geared trolleys are generally more suitable for heavier loads and longer distances.
  • Reduced manual effort for moving heavy loads.
  • Better suited for larger loads and longer spans.
  • Provides finer control and smoother movement.
  • Typically more complex and expensive than plain trolleys.
  • May require a power source (electricity) for motorized versions.

The choice between a plain trolley and a geared trolley depends on factors such as the weight of the load, the distance it needs to travel, the required level of control, and the available budget. For lighter loads and shorter distances, a plain trolley can be a cost-effective choice. Geared trolleys are better suited for heavier loads or when smoother and more controlled movement is necessary. It's important to consider the specific needs of your lifting and material handling tasks when deciding which type of trolley to use.

Plain Trolley

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