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By H-Lift | 05 February 2024 | 0 Comments

Tips for Grade 70 Clevis Slip Hook AS/NZS 4344

A grade 70 clevis slip hook that complies with AS/NZS 4344 would be designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements outlined in the standard. AS/NZS 4344 covers factors such as materials, dimensions, markings, working load limits, and other performance criteria for chains and associated fittings used for lifting operations.

When using a grade 70 clevis slip hook that conforms to AS/NZS 4344, it is important to ensure that the hook is used within its specified working load limit (WLL) and other safety parameters outlined in the standard. The WLL indicates the maximum load that the hook is designed to handle safely under normal operating conditions.

Regular inspections and maintenance should be carried out to check for any signs of wear, deformation, or damage that could compromise the integrity and safe usage of the grade 70 clevis slip hook.

To ensure compliance and safety, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's documentation and the relevant sections of AS/NZS 4344 when selecting, installing, and using a grade 70 clevis slip hook in Australia and New Zealand.

Please note that standards and regulations may vary by region, so it's important to consult the applicable standards and guidelines specific to your location and industry.

G70 Clevis Slip Hook AS/NZS 4344

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