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What are Towing Slings Used For ?

A towing sling is a specialized piece of equipment used for towing or recovering vehicles, boats, or other objects. These slings are designed to provide a secure and controlled means of moving or pulling a load, and they come in various configurations to suit different towing and recovery needs.

Tow sling are typically made of durable materials like polyester webbing and have loops at each end. They are used for light to medium towing applications and are often used for towing vehicles. One end is attached to the towing vehicle's hitch or towing point, while the other end is connected to the disabled vehicle.

Towing slings are portable, lightweight and malleable nature. Can be easily placed onto wagons, trailers and other storage units, keeping them tidily away until needed. When required for use, extremely light for its capabilities and easy to handle. 

-Towing slings are used for heavier machines like forest machines, load vehicles, excavators.

-Light weight and good shock absorption make it flexible and safe to use.

-Provided with a sleeve.

-Marked with information about breaking load in straight pull.

-Standard length is 6m, other lengths available to customer request.

-Both eyes have an extra protection against abrasion.

-Not to be used for lifting.

Vehicles Towing Sling

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