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What is a Beam Clamp to EN 13155 Standard ?

Beam Clamps EN 13155 refer to a specific type of beam clamp that conforms to the European standard EN 13155. EN 13155 is a European standard that specifies requirements for non-fixed load lifting attachments used with cranes, hoists, and other lifting machinery. These attachments, including beam clamps, are used to facilitate the lifting and handling of loads.

Here are some key points about EN 13155 and beam clamps:

  • Standard Purpose: EN 13155 sets out safety and design requirements for non-fixed load lifting attachments to ensure the safe handling of loads. It covers various aspects, including design, materials, marking, testing, and instructions for use.
  • Beam Clamps: A beam clamp is a lifting attachment designed to secure and lift loads by clamping onto a horizontal I-beam or other suitable structural members. They are commonly used in industrial settings for various lifting applications.
  • Compliance: Beam clamps that conform to EN 13155 meet the safety and performance requirements specified in the standard. Manufacturers produce these clamps according to the standard's guidelines to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • Safety: Beam clamps designed and manufactured in compliance with EN 13155 are intended to enhance safety during lifting operations by providing secure attachment points and ensuring proper load distribution.
  • Inspection and Maintenance: Users of beam clamps should follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, inspection, and maintenance to ensure the continued safe operation of the equipment.
  • Load Capacity: Beam clamps are typically rated for specific load capacities, and users should not exceed these rated capacities to prevent accidents and equipment damage.

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