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What is a Chain Hoist ?

What is a chain hoist ?


A chain hoist is a type of mechanical lifting device that is used to lift and move heavy loads. It is designed to be used in situations where a manual lifting device is needed, and where electric or hydraulic options are not available or practical.

A chain hoist consists of a chain that is wound around a set of gears inside the hoist body. The chain is attached to a hook or other lifting attachment that is used to lift and move the load. The gears are turned by a handle or other manual mechanism, which causes the chain to move and the load to be lifted or lowered.

Chain hoists are commonly used in a variety of industrial settings, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining. They are designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to use, and can be operated by one person. Chain hoists come in a range of sizes and lifting capacities, so it's important to choose the right hoist for the job based on the weight of the load that needs to be lifted. Additionally, some chain hoists are designed for vertical lifting only, while others are capable of lifting loads at an angle or horizontally.

A chain hoist is a mechanical device used for lifting heavy loads of objects and equipment. It is made with a pulley, which is held together by a closed chain. The closed chain forms a loop, which makes it easy to be pulled by hand.

There are several large and small pulleys located throughout a chain hoist. There is one large and one small pulley are situated on the same axle, as well as a also a mobile pulley that holds the load in place.

For the load to be raised with the chain hoist, the closed chain has to be pulled. When it is pulled, the large pulley draws in more chain than what is released by the smaller side. From here, the lifting process begins.

There are three types of chain hoists: air, manual, and electric. The manual one and the air one are designed with reduction gears, hook pivots, and swivels. Suspended by a top hook, or by a push or geared trolley, these devices move objects slowly and carefully while making height adjustments. The attached load is well secured so it can be left fixed without requiring a great deal of supervision.

The electric chain hoist, on the other hand, is generally used for lifting heavy-duty industrial loads. It allows the user to pull from the side as well as vertically.

Chain Hoist

Below is a picture of one of the oldest chain hoist.

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