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What is a clevis grab hook used for ?

A clevis grab hook is used for various rigging and lifting applications where a secure and quick connection to chains or other connecting elements is required. The design of the clevis grab hook allows it to be easily attached to and detached from chains, making it a versatile tool in industrial, construction, and material handling settings. Here are some common uses for clevis grab hooks:

  • Chain Sling Assemblies: Clevis grab hooks are often an integral component of chain sling assemblies. These slings are used for lifting and rigging purposes, providing a secure connection between the hook and the chain. The grab hook allows for quick attachment to chain links.
  • Towing and Recovery: Clevis grab hooks are utilized in towing and recovery operations. They can be attached to chains for securing vehicles or other objects during towing or recovery processes.
  • Material Handling: In industrial and construction settings, clevis grab hooks are employed for material handling tasks. They can be used to lift and move heavy loads by connecting to chains or other lifting equipment.
  • Rigging: Clevis grab hooks are valuable in rigging applications where a quick and secure connection is needed. They are commonly used in conjunction with other rigging hardware to create secure connections for hoisting and positioning loads.
  • Load Securing: Clevis grab hooks are used to secure loads during transportation. Whether in trucks, trailers, or other vehicles, these hooks help anchor and stabilize loads to prevent shifting during transit.

Key features of clevis grab hooks that make them suitable for these applications include the clevis design that allows for easy connection to chains and the grab hook itself, which is shaped to securely grip chain links or other attachment points.

It's crucial to choose the right size and load capacity of a clevis grab hook for a specific application, adhere to safety guidelines, and conduct regular inspections to ensure the equipment's integrity and safe operation.

Clevis Grab Hook

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