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What is a Closed Body Rigging Screw ?

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A closed body rigging screw, also known as a turnbuckle, is a mechanical device used to adjust the tension or length of a cable, wire, rope, or rod in applications such as rigging, construction, maritime, and various other industries. It consists of two threaded eye bolts, each with a right-hand or left-hand thread, which are connected by a central body. The body can be turned, effectively changing the distance between the two eye bolts and thus adjusting the tension in the connected material.

Closed body rigging screws are designed to provide a reliable and adjustable means of tensioning without exposing the internal components to environmental elements like dust, dirt, or moisture. The closed design helps protect the threaded components from corrosion, which can be particularly important in outdoor or marine environments.

These devices are commonly used in scenarios where it's necessary to maintain a specific tension or length in cables, wires, or ropes, such as in sailboat rigging, wire fencing, shade structures, and more. They offer a simple yet effective way to tighten or loosen lines as needed for optimal performance or structural integrity.

When using closed body rigging screws, it's important to follow proper guidelines and safety procedures to ensure the correct level of tension and to prevent over-tightening, which could lead to damage or failure of the material being tensioned.

Closed Body Rigging Screw

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