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What is a Mill Test Certificate ?

The Mill Test Certificate, or also known as Material Test Report, plays an important role in quality control of materials in some industries, such as manufacturing, construction and oil and gas. But often many users find it difficult to understand the certificates.

What is a Mill Test Certificate?

The Mill Test Certificate (MTC), also known as a material test report, is a document that verifies the chemical and physical properties of a material. Usually, the report is written on paper and contains the approval of the factory quality control along with a special stamp of the material test certificate.

The testing standards and content in the report generally align with the factory’s manufacturing standards or the client’s specific requirements. Typically, the report contains detailed information on the material’s composition, including the type, grade, and specification, as well as the results of various tests the material was subjected to, such as tensile strength, yield strength and more.

Who can issue the Mill Test Report?

The material test report or mill test report/certificate is usually provided by the manufacturer before the products leave the factory.

However, sometimes a quality control third party may issue the report, depending on specific requirements. For example, the manufacturer may only meet the requirements contained in an EN10204 3.1 certificate. If you (as a client) ask for an EN10204 3.2 certificate, you need a third party with sufficient qualifications to issue the certified material test report.

What is the purpose of a Mill Test Certificate?

There are two main points as to why the material testing certificate is important.

Verification of product quality.
  • The certified material test report serves as proof of the quality of the product from the factory, verifying that it has been tested and meets the required standards. The report must accompany the product, and each product must have its own individual MTC
Improved transparency and traceability.
  • The oil mill certificate also improves transparency and traceability throughout the production process. Using the mill test certificate, the mill's production record and test results for the specific product can be traced

What Information Is Included in a Mill Test Certificate?

It is worth noting that test methods and content vary depending on the materials being tested.

For steel products, an MTC typically includes the following test standards..

  • The name, address and contact information of the manufacturer
  • The product specification and standards, heat number and quantity
  • The analysis of the chemical composition of the product
  • The results of mechanical properties testing.
  • The report may also include any other required testing, such as hardness, impact testing and non-destructive testing

The report should include detailed test results for each test, along with all necessary approvals from the plant quality control department.

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