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By H-Lift | 01 February 2024 | 0 Comments

What is Grade 8 Clevis Shortening Clutch ?

The grade 8 clevis shortening clutch is an essential part of chain slings, used to shorten the lengths of the chain legs and prevent instability of the load. The clutch compared to the shortening hook makes a straight pull possible.

Grade 8 clevis shortening clutch is designed to have the advantage of shortening the chain by just simpy putting it into work with the existing chain sling set. The clevis design allows easy connection to chain. Not recommended for use as a bottom lifting of sling for back hooking and reeving application.

For correct safe use of the clutch as a shortening device, it must be assembled to the master link via 3 links of chain. The use of the Clevis Shortening Clutch will allow 100% of the chain sling capacity.
Grade 8 Clevis Shortening Clutch

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