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By Charlie | 07 January 2023 | 0 Comments

What is One Trip Textile Sling ?

The term one trip textile sling or one way use sling is given to a woven textile sling that has been designed for the specific purpose of attaching to, and accompanying, a specific load (product) for its specified journey, from source to final destination. To avoid further use of the sling they shall be taken out of service and disposed of responsibly, to prevent further use. They must not be used as a general-purpose sling or outside of the limitations of use specified by the manufacturer.

In the case of one trip slings, the justification that may be used is low utilization. This may be supported by current standards from other countries, such as ASME B30.9:2014 or DIN 60005:2018-Dispoable man-made flat woven slings, both of which use a factor of 5:1.

H-Lift recommends that the label and/or the body of the sling be appropriately marked with ‘One trip – Do not reuse’ or similar.

One Way Sling DIN 60005

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