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What is Permanent Magnetic Lifter ?

Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Magnetic Lifting Device

A permanent magnetic lifter is a tool used for lifting and moving heavy metal objects. It utilizes the power of permanent magnets to create a strong magnetic field that attracts the metal object and holds it securely in place.

The lifter is designed with a magnetic circuit that consists of one or more permanent magnets and a ferromagnetic material such as steel. The magnets generate a magnetic field that passes through the ferromagnetic material, creating a concentrated and powerful magnetic force on the lifting surface.

To use a permanent magnetic lifter, the lifter is placed on the metal object to be lifted and turned on. The magnetic force is then activated, and the lifter adheres to the metal surface, securely lifting the object. Once the object is lifted, the lifter can be turned off and the object released.

Permanent magnetic lifters are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and metalworking. They are often preferred over other types of lifting devices, such as cranes or hoists, because they are more versatile and easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

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