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"Lifting Solution Specialist"
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Our Product Range


H-Lift Textile Lifting Sling and Harness

Textile Sling and Height Safety

Product Description: Flat Webbing Sling, Endless Webbing Sling to EN1492-1, One Way Use Sling, Polyester Roundsling to EN 1492-2/AS 4497,Synthetic Flat and Round Sling to ASME, Synthetic Bridle Sling, Safety Harness/ and Belt and Accessories

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H-Lift Transport and Load Restraints 

Transport and Load Restraints

Product Description: Ratchet Tie Down to EN 12195-2, Ratchet Strap, Webbing Load Restraint, Ratchet Buckle, Wire Claw Hook, Chassis Hook, Ratchet Load Binder, Lever Load Binder, Lashing Chain, Hand Winch, Hand Puller, Truck Winch.

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H-Lift Manual Hoisting Equipments 

Manual Hoisting Equipments

Product Description: Hand Chain Hoist, Lever Block, Push Trolley,Geared Trolley, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist, Beam Clamp, Beam Clamp with Shackle, Lifting Clamp, Trolley Clamp, Snatch Block, Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Crane Scale.

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H-Lift Electric Chain and Wire Rope Hoists 

Electric Hoisting Equipments

Product Description: Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Trolley, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Low Headroom Wire Rope Hoist, Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist, Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Electric Winch.

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H-Lift Grade 80/100 Chain and Chain Sling Components 

Lifting Chain/Chain Sling/Components

Product Description: Grade 8 Alloy Chain to EN 818, Grade 8 Chain Sling, Grade 8 Sling Components to EN 1677, Grade 10 Alloy Chain, Grade 10 Chain Sling, Grade 10 Sling Components.

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H-Lift Wire Rope, Wire Rope Sling and Accessories 

Wire Rope/Wire Rope Sling/Components

Product Description: Steel Wire Rope with the size from 3mm to 80mm, core of IWRC, FC or WSC, with galvanized or ungalvanized surface finish. Steel Wire Rope Sling to EN 13414-1, Wire Rope Accessories.

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H-Lift Material Handling Equipments 

Material Handling Equipments

Product Description: Rack Jack, Jack Stand, Steel Jack, Toe Jack, Machinery Jack, Forklift Jack, Hydraulic Bottle/Floor Jack, Hand Pallet Truck, Hydraulic Lift Table, Manual Stacker, Cargo Trolley, Engine Crane, Engine Stand.

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H-Lift Rigging Hardware 

Rigging Hardware and Commercial Chain

Product Description: Shackle, Turnbuckle, Rigging Screw, Eye Hook Clevis Hook,  Swivel Hook, Shank Hook, Belt Hook, Forged Link, Snap Hook, Quick Link, Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, Stainless Steel Accessories, Mild Steel Link Chain.

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