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Plain and Gear Trolley

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The PT-FA/GT-FA type trolley can be used for precise positioning and easy moving of heavy loads by a manual hoist or an electric hoist.
Adjustable for a beam range width from 55 mm up to 305 mm and various profiles.
The rollers are designed for a maximum beam flange slope of 14%.
The pre-and fine tuning is done by a central screw with integrated eyelet which prevent lateral moving through centring.
One part of the plain trolley has a left-hand thread, the other a right-hand thread. By turning the central screw (it also has a left-hand thread on the one and a right-hand thread on the other side) you can adjust the width of the parts to fit the a beam.

It is an ideal material handling tool for warehouses, garages and other industrial areas.
Adjustable for a wide beam area and different profiles.
Adjustable for standard or wide flange I rail
Easy adjustment to flange width over the axis
Centered suspension eye
Robust, stable design
Easy and effortless handling
Works on straight or curved tracks

Plain and Geared Trolley F Type