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H-Lift cargo trolley/roller skids are designed to be easily set underneath the load to facilitate the transport of heavy machinery and equipment. The rollers reduce the drag forces that result from skidding the load across a surface, resulting in a smooth and efficient movement. The rollers are attached to a high-strength frame — the thickness of the steel determines the load capacity of the machine-moving rollers. The rollers themselves serve the purpose of accepting and transferring the load to the surface.

Our roller skids can serve multiple purposes in a wide variety of industries. Examples include transporting heavy castings and machines around an industrial complex, as well as conveying equipment at electrical power stations. They can also carry large structural pieces at a job site.

Another typical application for machinery roller "dollies" is transporting heavy equipment in retail stores, as the rollers with specific type of wheels will not cause damage when moving equipment such as shelving units and large display pieces to the sales floor.

Additionally, the aerospace industry can utilize heavy equipment rollers to transport the bulky yet delicate parts and components used in many aircraft manufacturing processes. Even hospitals and other healthcare facilities can benefit from rollers for safely moving fragile equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Rollers in Your Material Handling Operation?
Utilizing heavy equipment rollers can benefit your company in many ways. Because they facilitate the process of moving loads, rollers will reduce the risk of damage to machinery and goods. This will lower your equipment maintenance and replacement costs and minimize unproductive downtime. They also make machines easier to move, which will reduce workplace injuries that lead to time lost from the job and costly workers' compensation claims.  Roller skids can also be a big time-saver. Your employees can roll heavy machinery across a floor much faster than when dragging, pushing or pulling. You'll find that your workers will be able to get more work done in less time, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity.