Machinery Toe Jack MTJ type

Item No.: 807003
Toe jacks are commonly used to lift and lower machines and other large and heavy loads onto moving skates. They are ideal to lift equipment with very low ground clearances.

H-Lift Machinery Toe Jack, MTJ type:

  • This hydraulic machinery toe jack has a fixed toe and is suitable for general lifting purposes. The toe jack has two lifting positions (toe & top) with capacities of 6t & 7.5t, 12t & 15t respectively.
  • Designed for raising loads and placing shifting-skates underneath them
  • Also used for general repairs, maintenance and for installation of heavy items
  • Dual lifting capability: loads can be lifted using the toe or the head of the jack
  • 2 toe positions and wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Used to lift heavy objects from a low height.
  • Safety valve for overload protection.
  • Adjustable lowering speed.
  • Removable pump handle


Model Top Rated Lifting Capacity Toe Rated Lifting Capacity Top Min. Height Toe Min. Height Lifting Stroke Screw Rod Adjust Height Support Capacity on Top Weight Product Code
t t mm mm mm mm kg kg
MTJ06 7.5 6 320 35 160 080 100000 25 807003075
MTJ12 15 12 325 40 140 060 200000 68 807003150
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