Stainless Steel Rigging Screw Jaw/Jaw type

Item No.: 704115
Rigging screw is durable, easy to adjust and can be used in a variety of applications where the length of the load bearing part needs to be adjusted. Made with Stainless Steel.

H-Lift Stainless Steel Rigging Screw

Item No. Size/mm Length/mm Product Code
S-TBS005 M5 130-190 704115005
S-TBS006 M6 150-220 704115006
S-TBS008 M8 180-225 704115008
S-TBS010 M10 200-300 704115010
S-TBS012 M12 270-385 704115012
S-TBS014 M14 300-425 704115014
S-TBS016 M16 330-480 704115016
S-TBS020 M20 360-540 704115020


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