Wire Rope Grips WRG type

Item No.: 6050
Wire rope grips are recommended for bare copper cable, covered conductor and messenger wire.
Due to its instant release system, wire rope grips can be inserted or removed from a wire with ease.

H-Lift Wire Rope Grips WRG type

  • Forged alloy steel construction
  • Zinc plated surface treatment for WRG type, and powder coated surface treatment for WRC type.
  • The parallel jaws give a firm non-slip grip, not damaging the wire.
  • Used for pulling up lines to tension only, not to be used as anchors.


Item No. Capacity Diameter N.W. product Code
t mm kg
WRG-05 0.5 1-10 0.4 605001005
WRG-10 1 2.6-15 0.7 605001010
WRG-20 2 4-22 1.3 605001020
WRG-30 3 16-32 2.4 605001030
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