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Endless Type Webbing Sling/One Way Sling/One Way Disposable Sling/DIN 60005

Single Use - One Way
Low cost, simple design
Easy to use
Stronger and more compact than rope or wire rope alternative solutions.
Can be attached or built in to a structure or load, but must only be used to perform a single complete lift.
Saves time and cost on-site slinging and reslinging loads.Available as standard in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm widths in endless format.

Ideal for one-way transport operations from manufacturer to final consumer.
Single-use lifting slings must not be reused and should be destroyed at the end of the transport chain. In this respect, they differ from lifting slings that comply with EN 1492-1 and that may be reused for transport and lifting operations.

Classic areas of application:
Prefab-house industry and suppliers
Timber constructionTransport of overlong goods, e.g. tubes
Steel distribution

The main advantage is that depending on the production system, you can use the same sling from the moment the bundle comes out of the machine until it reaches the final destination. Disposable cargo slings or one way slings are made from High Tenacity Polyester Yarn and have a safety factor of 5:1 or 4:1. These one way slings are used for the loading and unloading of cargo until they are off loaded at there final destination. The slings stay with the cargo until the final destination when the cargo's liability will cease and the slings are then destroyed.

one way use sling
h-lift one way use webbing sling
h-lift one way sling test