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Safety Harness and Safety Lanyard EN 361
Safety Harness and Lanyard EN 261
Safety Harness and Safety Lanyard EN 361

A safety harness is a form of protective equipment designed to protect a person, animal, or object from injury or damage. The harness is an attachment between a stationary and non-stationary object and is usually fabricated from rope, cable or webbing and locking hardware. Some safety harnesses are used in combination with a shock absorber, which is used to regulate deceleration when the end of the rope is reached. One example would be bungee jumping.
In North America, Safety Harness for protection against falls from heights in industrial and construction activities are covered by design performance standards issued by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) in the United States and by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) in Canada. Specifically, the standards issued are ANSI Z359.1 and CSA Z259.10. These standards are updated approximately every four to five years so it is important to ensure the latest version is referenced.
A safety belt holds you at the waist. It is suitable for preventing you from falling, but not for catching you if you do fall.
A safety harness holds you at thighs, buttocks, waist and shoulders and is suitable for catching you if you do fall off an edge.
The webbing lanyard is suitable for standard fall arrest applications. The webbing lanyard is lightweight, easy to use and does not retain dirt or grime, making it perfect for every day use.
The rope lanyard is suitable for working around slightly abrasive surfaces. The rope lanyard is robust and great in heavier duty applications.
Double webbing lanyards are generally used to access different areas of a building or tower without being disconnected, and are the perfect way to be connected to an anchorage point at all times.

Safety Harness
Safety Harness en 361
Safety Harness, Safety Harness
Safety harness and Lanyard