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Grade 70 Transport Chain and Fittings

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Standard Features
H-LIFT chains are designed and manufactured to suit rigorous requirements of the local transport industry
Compliance with the requirements of Australian and New Zealand AS/NZS 4344
Chains clearly identified, and showing appropriate lashing capacities
Proof tested
Test certificates available on request
Complete range of transport chain and accessories
Comprehensive selection of grab and claw hooks
Available in convenient load binder chain

Long product life
High resistance to wear
Strong, durable, lightweight
Easy handling, easy lashing
Simple, at-a-glance selection of size and number of chains required to suit a load

Featuring a distinctive golden finish, H-Lift Chain is an easy to handle, high performance tie-down chain which combines the benefits of cleanliness, lightness, strength and security.
Ensure that lashing capacity is matched to chain size and hook type.

Clearly identified and carrying relevant lashing chain size capacities, H-Lift Load binders have been designed and tested to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4344.

H-Lift lever type load binders are fitted with cradle grab hooks to provide a 100% rating as per AS/NZS 4344.

The use of some grab hooks or systems incorporating grab hooks cause bending to occur on the link of lashing chain to which the grab hook is engaged. The bending and shearing effect of the hook reduces the strength of the chain by 25% and as such, the lashing capacity (LC) of this type of system must be reduced by 25%.

H-Lift Ratchet load binders are well suited to tensioning short chains and for loads such as rubber tired vehicles.
Very high tensioning forces can be achieved, even on short chains, and more precise adjustment is available. Ratchet load binders have no whip when released and come complete with cradle grab hooks for 100% rating.

Technical Information
Note: Dimensions and masses subject to commercial tolerances and design changes without notice.

Item Chain Size Lashing Capacity S R F Metres /100kg 


 Link Marking


  (mm) (tonnes) (mm) (mm) (mm)
7-CA-06023 6 2.3 6.3 18.8 21.6 116.0 HLIFT,4344-2.3
7-CA-07330 7.3 3.0 7.3 23.8 25.9 86.3 HLIFT,4344-3.0
7-CA-08038 8 3.8 8.0 23.8 27.0 68.9 HLIFT,4344-4.0
7-CA-10060 10 6.0 10.0 29.6 34.3 45.5 HLIFT,4344-6.0
7-CA-13090 13 9.0 12.5 38.0 42.5 29.6 HLIFT,4344-9.0
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