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Endless Webbing Sling vs Webbing Sling with Soft Eyes

Endless webbing slings and webbing slings with soft eyes are both types of lifting and rigging equipment that use webbing material to secure and hoist loads. However, they have distinct features and applications:

Endless Webbing Sling:
  • An endless webbing sling is a continuous loop of webbing material that doesn't have any distinct "eyes" or loops at the ends.
  • It forms a closed circle and is often used in situations where the lifting and rigging points may change or need to be adjusted frequently.
  • It offers flexibility in terms of adjusting the lifting point and load orientation.
  • Endless slings are versatile and can be used in various configurations, such as choker hitches, vertical hitches, and basket hitches.

Webbing Sling with Soft Eyes:

  • A webbing sling with soft eyes has loops ("soft eyes") created by folding back the ends of the webbing material and stitching them to form a secure and stable attachment point.
  • Soft eyes provide a designated attachment point for hooks, shackles, or other hardware used in lifting operations.
  • These slings are suitable for consistent lifting points or situations where a stable and secure attachment is required.
  • Webbing slings with soft eyes are commonly used in vertical hitches and basket hitches.

The choice between an endless webbing sling and a webbing sling with soft eyes depends on the specific requirements of the lifting task:

Endless Webbing Sling may be preferred when:
  • The lifting points need to be adjusted frequently.
  • Versatility in lifting configurations is important.
  • The load's center of gravity needs to be adjusted.

Webbing Sling with Soft Eyes may be preferred when:

  • Stable and secure attachment points are needed.
  • The lifting points are consistent and won't change frequently.
  • A specific lifting configuration is being used consistently.

As always, prioritize safety by following proper lifting and rigging practices, adhering to weight limits, load angles, and inspection procedures, regardless of the type of webbing sling you choose.

Webbing Sling with Soft Eyes

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