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By H-Lift | 09 August 2023 | 0 Comments

Webbing Sling vs Round Sling

"Webbing sling" and "round sling" are two different types of lifting and rigging equipment used to secure and lift heavy loads. They are commonly employed in various industries for tasks that involve hoisting, lifting, and moving objects. Here's a breakdown of each type:

Webbing Sling: A webbing sling, also known as a flat sling or lifting strap, is a piece of lifting equipment made from durable and high-strength woven polyester webbing material. Webbing slings are typically flat and wide, resembling a strap. They come in various lengths, widths, and weight capacities to accommodate different load sizes and lifting requirements. Webbing slings are versatile and flexible, making them suitable for a wide range of lifting applications. They are particularly useful when lifting irregularly shaped loads, as the wide surface area helps distribute the load's weight more evenly.

Round Sling: A round sling, also called an endless sling or endless loop sling, is a type of lifting sling that is made from a continuous loop of high-strength synthetic fiber material. Round slings are designed to form a circle when laid flat, with the load-bearing fibers forming the loop. They are known for their flexibility, strength, and ability to conform to the shape of the load. Round slings are often used when lifting delicate or irregularly shaped objects because they provide a more even distribution of pressure. They can also be rotated during use to extend their service life, as wear and tear are spread out over the entire surface of the sling.

Both webbing slings and round slings have their own advantages and are suitable for different lifting scenarios. The choice between them depends on factors such as the type of load, lifting environment, required flexibility, weight capacity, and user preferences. It's essential to use the appropriate lifting equipment and follow safety guidelines to ensure the secure and safe lifting of loads.

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