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How to Select Grade 80 Alloy Chain Fittings ?

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Alloy chain fittings are components used to connect and secure chains in various applications. These fittings are made from alloy materials, which offer high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion and other forms of wear and tear.

Some common alloy chain fittings include:

  • Shackles: These are U-shaped fittings with a removable pin that can be used to connect two chains or to connect a chain to an anchor point.
  • Hooks: These are curved fittings with a latch or a safety latch that can be used to connect chains to an anchor point or to lift heavy loads.
  • Links: These are oval or circular-shaped fittings that can be used to connect two chains or to connect a chain to an anchor point.
  • Swivels: These are fittings that allow chains to rotate freely without twisting or tangling. They are commonly used in applications such as lifting and rigging.

Alloy chain fittings are commonly used in industrial, marine, and construction applications, where they provide a reliable and secure means of connecting chains and securing loads. When selecting alloy chain fittings, it's important to choose fittings that are suitable for the specific application and that are rated to handle the required load capacity. 

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