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What is 2-leg Chain Sling ?

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A 2-leg chain sling is a type of lifting sling used for hoisting heavy loads. It is made up of two chains, each with a hook at one end for attaching to the load, and a master link at the other end for connecting to the lifting equipment.

The chains of a 2-leg chain sling are typically made of alloy steel, and the hooks are designed to grip onto the load securely. The master link is used to attach the sling to a lifting device such as a crane or hoist.

To use a 2-leg chain sling, you would first determine the weight and dimensions of the load, and select a sling with a suitable capacity and length. You would then attach the hooks of the sling to the load in a way that ensures even weight distribution. The master link would then be attached to the lifting equipment.

When lifting the load, it is important to ensure that the sling is properly tensioned and that the load is stable. The lifting equipment should be operated slowly and carefully to prevent any sudden movements that could cause the load to swing or tip.

It is important to use 2-leg chain slings correctly and to follow all safety guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries. Always inspect the sling for any signs of wear or damage before each use, and replace it if any defects are found.

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