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By H-Lift | 08 February 2024 | 0 Comments

Introduction of Aluminium Ferrules to EN 13411-3

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The term "Aluminium Ferrule EN 13411-3" refers to a specific type of aluminium ferrule that conforms to the requirements outlined in the European standard EN 13411-3. This standard provides specifications for ferrules, or sleeves, used in the termination of steel wire ropes.

EN 13411-3 sets forth the technical requirements and testing procedures for ferrules made of aluminium or aluminium alloy used in wire rope terminations. The standard covers various aspects, including dimensions, material properties, tolerances, marking, and testing methods.

Aluminium ferrules, or sleeves, are commonly used in applications where steel wire ropes need to be terminated or spliced. They provide a secure and reliable connection by compressing the wire rope, effectively holding the individual strands in place.

When selecting an aluminium ferrule EN 13411-3, it's essential to ensure that it meets the specific requirements of your application, including the wire rope diameter and the load capacity needed. Additionally, proper installation techniques and tools should be followed to achieve a safe and effective termination.

Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines, industry standards, and applicable regulations to ensure that you choose the correct aluminium ferrule EN 13411-3 and follow proper installation procedures for your specific wire rope application.

DIN 3093 Aluminium Ferrule

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