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Wire Rope Terminations - Wedge Sockets

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A cable wedge socket, also known as a wire rope wedge socket or simply a wedge socket, is a type of mechanical fitting used to create a secure and reliable connection between a wire rope and an attachment point. It is commonly used in various applications where wire ropes need to be terminated or anchored, such as in lifting, rigging, towing, and mooring operations.

A typical cable wedge socket consists of the following components:

  • Body: The body of the wedge socket is usually made of high-strength steel and is designed to hold the wire rope securely. It typically has a tapered shape with a cavity or recess that accommodates the wire rope.
  • Wedge: The wedge is a movable component that is inserted into the body of the wedge socket and is used to clamp the wire rope in place. It is typically made of steel and has a tapered shape that matches the shape of the body. When the wedge is driven into the body, it wedges against the wire rope, creating a tight grip and preventing the wire rope from slipping.
  • Bolts or Pins: The wedge socket may have bolts or pins that hold the wedge in place and prevent it from dislodging during use. These bolts or pins are typically removable, allowing for installation and removal of the wire rope.
  • Eye or Attachment Point: The wedge socket may have an eye or attachment point at the top or end of the body, which can be used to connect the wedge socket to a lifting hook, shackle, or other attachment point.

Cable wedge sockets are used to terminate wire ropes by inserting the wire rope into the body of the wedge socket, placing the wedge over the wire rope, and then driving the wedge into the body using appropriate tools or equipment. This causes the wedge to grip the wire rope tightly, creating a secure connection. The working load limit (WLL) of the wedge socket should be matched to the capacity of the wire rope being used, and the manufacturer's instructions and relevant safety standards and regulations should be followed for proper installation, use, inspection, and maintenance of cable wedge sockets to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Wire Rope Wedge Socket

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