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Marking on the Lifting Equipment

Equipment which has been satisfactorily verified in accordance with the product specification and has passed the subsequent thorough examination should be marked with:
(1) the WLL/SWL or rated capacity; and

(2) an unambiguous means of identification to cross refer to the associated documentation; and

(3) such other marks as are required by the standard being worked to and by legislation.

Marking should be by suitable means, i.e. plate, metal tab, textile label, etc, permanently attached or by stamping directly into the equipment, preferably in a non-load bearing or low stress area. Stamping into a stressed area may also be permissible provided that the mechanical properties of the component are not significantly impaired. Where applicable, the position and size of stamping should be as indicated in the relevant standard. When the means of marking can be lost, additional information should be used to convey this information. It is therefore recommended that the identification mark should also be put directly onto the equipment so that in the event of the original means of marking becoming detached, the identity is not lost, and the other information can be recovered from the related documentation.

Should any of the required marking become obliterated or illegible, the equipment should be withdrawn from service and referred to a Competent Person for re-marking or, if necessary, for re-verification and re-marking.

Where the user wishes to mark the equipment with information which is liable to change (e.g. plant location reference, date of examination, etc.) it is recommended that a tag is used as the frequent stamping and subsequent obliteration of stamp marks on load bearing components is detrimental and will, at best, shorten the life of the equipment.

The SWL of new equipment will be in the metric units of tonnes (t) or kilograms (kg) or imperial units of Tons (T) and Pounds (lb). The generally accepted rule is that a SWL of less than one tonne or Ton are marked in kilograms or pounds respectively.

Certain items of lifting equipment are marked with a grade or quality mark, particularly where this information is required for safe use.

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