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What is a Grade 80 Weld on Hook ?

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When referring to a "grade 80 weld-on hook," it typically denotes a specific type of lifting hook that is designed and manufactured to meet Grade 80 specifications.

Grade 80 refers to the material strength of the hook, specifically the alloy steel used in its construction. It signifies that the hook has a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 80,000 pounds per square inch (psi) or approximately 551.6 megapascals (MPa). Grade 80 is commonly used in heavy-duty lifting applications due to its high strength and durability.

The term "weld-on" indicates that the hook is designed to be welded directly onto a suitable structure or component. This type of hook does not have an integrated mounting mechanism and relies on welding for secure attachment.

When using a grade 80 weld-on hook, it's essential to ensure proper welding techniques and practices are followed to achieve a strong and reliable weld. It is advisable to consult with a qualified welder or adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for welding and installation.

It's worth noting that specific regulations and standards may vary between countries or industries regarding the use of lifting hooks, so it's crucial to comply with the applicable safety guidelines and regulations in your region.

Grade 80 Weld on Hook

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