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By Franco | 17 July 2022 | 0 Comments

What is a Lever Hoist and How does it Work?

What is a Lever Hoist?

Lever hoists, also known as lever blocks are portable devices that are very useful in tensioning. They can be used to lift loads in different positions including vertical and horizontal lifting. Lever blocks or hoists can be used to lift specific load limits and the total load limit should not exceed this specific limit. Lever blocks are important equipment used in garages or construction sites. They are made either from single or double fall chain configurations. The ideal configuration should be chosen according to the weight of the load to be lifted.

Lever Hoist                       

How to Use a Lever Hoist?

Instead of pulling a chain, this mechanical device has a lever that can be cranked up and down to move an object. By switching the pawl rod lever, you can easily change the operation direction, i.e. to raise/lower the object (See details below).

Unlike hand hoists, lever hoists, especially small devices, can be operated using just one hand. Speed is not a characteristic of the mechanical device.

To raise the load: Turn pawl rod lever to the lifting position (↑) and operate the lever with a pumping action.

To lower the load: Turn pawl rod lever to the lowering position (↓) and operate the lever with a pumping action.

To adjust the chain length: Turn pawl rod lever to the neutral position (central). The chain can now be pulled in both directions and the bottom hook will be quickly brought to the required position.

To suspend a lever chain hoist, the top hook of the hoist can be attached to a shackle, beam clamp, push trolley or other secure supports. To secure a load, the bottom hook can be attached to an object directly if the load has an appropriate fitting or via lifting slings with a shackle. If it is for pulling or tensioning, the top and bottom hooks are usually secured to the objects via lifting slings.

Mini Lever Hoist

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