Hydraulic Drum Lifter HD250 type

Item No.: 806003
A manual hydraulic drum lifter is an ideal piece of equipment for use in locations where there is no mains power or where it would be awkward to fit forklifts or similar equipment.

H-Lift Hydraulic Drum Lifter HD250 type

A hydraulic drum lifter is a specialized device designed for lifting, transporting, and handling drums, particularly in industrial and warehouse settings.
Here are some key features:

  • Design: Hydraulic drum lifters typically consist of a sturdy frame, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, and attachments specifically designed to secure and lift drums. The lifting mechanism is often operated using a hydraulic pump.
  • Attachment Mechanism: The lifter is equipped with attachments such as adjustable drum clamps or a cradle that securely holds the drum during lifting and transport.
  • Load Capacity: Drum lifters come in various load capacities to accommodate different sizes and weights of drums. It’s essential to select a lifter with a capacity that matches or exceeds the weight of the drums you intend to handle.
  • Mobility: Many hydraulic drum lifters are mounted on wheels, making them easy to maneuver within a facility.
  • Safety Features: Drum lifters often include safety features such as locking mechanisms to prevent accidental release of the drum during transport and overload protection to avoid exceeding the lifting capacity.
  • Applications: Hydraulic drum lifters are commonly used in chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers where drums need to be lifted, transported, or positioned.

Item No. Capacity Lifting Range Inner Width of Legs Oil Roll-over Angle Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Rear Wheel Weight/kg Product Code
kg mm mm mm mm mm mm
HD250 250 280 630 180° 810 820 1050 Ø180 45 806003250
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