Jack Stand JSA type

Item No.: 811001
Jack stand is a stand whose height may be adjusted and which is used to support an automobile that has been raised by a jack.

H-Lift Jack Stand JSA type

Jack stands are tower or tripod shaped and are designed to support the weight of a raised vehicle. They should be placed under the vehicle axle or frame to provide additional support for an elevated car.

Once a vehicle is jacked up the stands are put in place and the vehicle is lowered onto the stands. There are saddle shaped tops on jack stands, which are designed to support the vehicle axle. Stands should only be used on hard and level surfaces and only for the vehicles that are within the weight capacity of the stands.

Jack stands are usually sold in pairs and are most commonly used with floor jacks. Jack stands are mainly used for repairs or maintenance, they are not commonly used to change a tire.

  • Oversized saddles provide positive contact and added stability.
  • Dual purpose handle for saddle column lock release and portable transport.
  • Sturdy welded steel frame construction with rust resistant finish for longer tool life.
  • Anti-sink feet for added support and stability.
  • Used as a matched pair to support one end of a vehicle only.


Model Capacity Min. Height Max. Height Weight/pair Product Code
t mm mm kg
JSA-02 2 280 425 4.6 811001002
JSA-03 3 285 425 4.7 811001003
JSA-06 6 390 595 9 811001006
JSA-12 12 482 747 23.5 811001012
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